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Push Notifications - How Customer Activation Works Today

The push notification solution for your performance boost!

Increase your sales sustainably through the intelligent sending of push messages. 

The MarPu Performance Suite enables you to send browser-based messages to your users without them having to be on your website.

Take advantage of our self-learning optimization algorithm to deliver personalized messages at the right time and ensure long-term user acceptance.


Push-Notifications is the most underestimated
Online marketing channel! 

72% of users find push notifications particularly valuable.

Campaigns based on user behavior show significantly higher conversion rates. Cases show that 48% of all campaigns addressing shopping basket abandoners have a conversion rate of over 20%.

While classic email campaigns show click rates in the range of 3% to 6%, the CTR for push notifications is usually between 10% to 30%. Even click rates of 30% and more are not uncommon!


Your advantages with MarPu


Managed Service

Together we develop personal campaign strategies for you and analyse their results. The MarPu dashboard gives you an overview of all key figures.


Completely risk-free

Explore push notifications as a new marketing channel with risk-free billing on a CPA basis.

How it works


Users receive an opt-in window through which they can give their consent. The consent is given and stored directly in the user's browser, and so no double opt-in is necessary.

The displaying of the opt-In dialog can be created according to any rules. Desired segments can also be queried here.



Notifications are sent to all users of an audience. Recipients receive your push notification on their mobile device or desktop device. You can define the dispatch time, dispatch end and frequency capping yourself.

Further advantages with MarPu


Mobile & Desktop Push


Address your users via mobile, tablet or desktop devices.


Individual campaign rules

Set behavior-based trigger rules, such as a shopping cart abandonment campaign.


Individual Dashboard

You get access to your individual dashboard for evaluation and overview. 




Specify segments that you want to address such as Interests, for example.

Still not convinced?

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